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The interpretation examples that we are suggesting are very far from being exhaustive: they only show and outline a general frame describing the problematics of this planetary function. They should therefore not be taken literally. Each being brings indeed its own responses, more or less original, to the issues raised by a planetary function.

Through using the R. To find out which Planets are dominant in your birth chart, please feel free to visit our website and get your free mini-astrological portrait with our software Astrosoft. Something radically refractory within yourself incites you to assert your uniqueness, to display your originality, to stand out from the crowd. Instead of painstaking analyses and experimental deductions, you prefer your lightning intuitions that allow you to simplify the most complex problems and to make clear anything obscure.

Considering yourself as the holder of absolute certainties for which you are taking responsibility in full independence, you impose your perceptive and sometimes visionary insights without being afraid of surprising, shocking, destabilizing. With a wealth of abstract, cold and synthetizing cerebrality, you have no qualms about innovating, building new concepts that carry authority. You reserve the option of radically changing your point of view, of autonomously making independent choices, whatever it takes.

In your own hyper-individualized way, you express your sense of universal values.

The Meaning Of Uranus' Energy In Your Birth Chart Can Help You Tap Into Your Universal Mind

Intensive representation: You are an intransigent voluntarist who gets intensely involved into choices that you deem essential. You are not afraid of taking hard, clear-cut, final decisions in all conscience and independence. Once you worked out a plan, developed a strategy, nothing could make you change your mind or veer off your path and objective, whatever the events and circumstances are. Rigorous, efficient, imperious, your cold and organized cerebrality has in theory an answer for everything and knows how to find the most convincing solutions to the most confusing problems.

Individualistic, elitist, inflexible as far as your personal fulfilment is concerned, your incredible self-assurance allows you to dare whenever you decide the most radical splits or challenges. Original article published in French in issue 4 of Astrologie naturelle December The portraits in comics of the 10 Planets.

Discover the funny and educational caricatures, the qualities and defects of the Lunar, the Mercurian, the Venusian, the Solar, the Marsian, the Jupiterian, the Saturnian, the Uranian, the Neptunian, the Plutonian in 20 original pages. Download it right now from our shop. The activation of Saturn in Libra in january the sign of angels and naive painting makes the american Saturn seem to relate to purposes as those of the Salvation Army rather than those of European imperialism and colonialism.

Saturn in Libra and square to the US moon position in Capricorn stood for the undecidedness and a certain lack of independent perception and evaluation. It also showed the hesitation of the US government to really make use of its full powers which it had demonstrated through its entry into WW1 once the war was won. The history of the undecidedness of the US foreign politics has shown such traits from that time on. Woodrow Wilson tried to pacify Libra the world instead through the foundation of the League of Nations in Jan This activation of Saturn in Libra saw the rise of the image of the USA as the helper of the world who comes to the rescue of human rights, peace, independence, democracy and emancipation of the weak and poor.

And this ideal role at that particular time in history seemed and maybe really was to some extent natural for the USA. Bush government finished with the remains of that US idealism during and after the Iraq war. After an interval of over 80 and a full cricle of progression of rythmical activation of the ascendant the constellations and houses from the American Civil War were triggered again shortly after WW2 This is valid for the materialistic as well as for the spiritual thread and timeline of activation.

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This third direct activation of the Moon in the centre of Capricorn saw the USA take its role as the World Power No 1 even though due to the square from Saturn as the ruler of Capricorn in Libra the self-image of US americans did not want to take over full responsibility for that role. That role was sort of projected onto a role of being the helpers of others due to the position of Saturn in the sign of angels, justice, balance and peace.

The activation of Pluto in July brough a moment in time when Stalin at pushed the expansion of the Soviet — Russian sphere of interest over the limits so that the USA was forced to react.

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Pluto here shows that the USA was really forced to go as far as that. Uranus the ruler of Aquarius sign of the sky also rules discharge of electricity from the sky. Also defined as the Anti-Sun Uranus represents the antipode of the Sun the planet of electrical power stations and of light. Mercury indicator for negotiations, clever management and optimal use of situations and ressources stood for the clever management of the outcome of the process of political change in Russia through the US government.

George W Bush Era. The war in Afghanistan seemed like a defensive reaction and to some extent it certainly was.

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  • It saw the climax of the destruction of the role of the United Nations. Seeing themselves as the helpers and promoters of the progress and democracy in the rest world had been misused by the Texan connection through the Saturn square to the Moon position of the US natal chart. Spiritual Progression via House 12, 11,10 to 1. Oct Virgo ingress from Libra Wallstreet Crash of and start of the period of economic depression that lasted froim Oct until the moment of the Leo ingress in April which brought the 2nd New Deal.

    Pluto stood for the pressure through the threat from the Japanese and German expansion.


    Im suggesting to use the timeline of activation of events in the Powell Chart for verification of the fuller meaning of the planetary positions. A big thing for such a huge and complex country, federation and especially a democratic system. It guarantees that the bosses are always the rulers. It may allow a small amount of self. That position indicates that hierarchy is systemical in the USA — consider how the qualification for higer education is limited to the upper classes, how strong employers are in relation to trade unions, the political method of suppression of the poor, the state of the social security and health insurance system in the USA, the dominance of big companies over small and the worldwide dimension of that organized rule of the US economical system.

    The problem I have with it is in its history. The motion had clearly passed. NY abstained. That would give 10 yes votes, 2 No, and 1 abstention, or 11 yes votes, if Penn changed their vote to yes, 1 No and 1 abstention. South Carolina, the other No vote, agreed with the sentiment that, since the motion had passed, it would be good for public relations if they voted yes on the 2nd vote.

    A classic Mercury Rx scenario. In taking the 2nd vote, they were also hoping for a unanimous yes for said public relations reasons, but they all knew the motion for independence had passed on July 1st. As it is a real historical event the chart must have some level of effect and meaning! But not the nice and peaceful one for sure. Im not saying that there may not be some reality in that chart — it shows sth.

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    Id see this as the chart of the negativity of the US — the KKK, the slavery system, the slaughter of the buffaloes through shooting from trains, the reservations for the native americans, the caste system and the dominance oand violence of the ruling mentality in the gunpower society. That is rather like one element — sort of the bad end of the States.

    The rythmycal activation of this Moon-Pluto conjunction would have been due by ! In fact this constellation in house 2 the field of of possessing and conquering territory makes this the chart of the pioneering, the stealing of the land from native americans, the ruleof violence over individual rights, the dominance of the big companies over the american land, society, legislation and political structures Pluto in Capricorn in house 2.

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