Leo tarot weekly 10 to 16 february 2020

Expanding your social sphere this week could bring intimate relationships back into balance.

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Emerge from your lair—dressed to impress—on Tuesday, when the full moon in Taurus activates your career zone. Professional efforts of the past six months could reach a powerful tipping point.

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In the two weeks that follow the manifesting phase of the full moon , well-deserved profits and prestige will flow in. Have the Keynote presentation cued up on your phone and refresh your online profiles with your greatest hits. People will be searching for you, Leo, and you never know. Drinks with a friend could evolve into an impromptu pitch meeting. On the job hunt?

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Start circulating, and don't be surprised if a recruiter contacts YOU. If you're feeling lackluster about your current path, this full moon could light the way to the exit.

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But before you impulsively quit your day job, consider your options. Could you devise a challenging project that allows your leadership skills to shine?

Talk to HR about "growth opportunities"? And so are you! Give it time.

LEO WEEKLY TAROT "IT'S YOUR TIME LEO" November 4th-10th 2019

Wait till you can make out the bare bones of it before you speak. Grab every wonderful opportunity the cosmos sends your way this week. Guard your heart and your wallet Thursday 14 th - Friday 15 th. You might misjudge the situation.

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Nor are all promises given in earnest. Need some heavenly advice?

Your weekly predictions. Bring it on home with the Taurus Full Moon! Select your star sign:.