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Pluto is retrograde in from April 22nd to September 30th, , in the sign of Capricorn. See the Eclipses page for more information about current and upcoming eclipses. Outer planet transits in the year , excerpted from the Day Watch Report Package. Basically, your personal or financial success it can be either can hang on your ability to generate a deep feeling of trust and the inevitability of what you believe to be the right course.

Because of previous breakdowns, much is tolerated that would not otherwise be put up with, all in the name of a new deal, which may be learned from but have to be at least partially undone afterward.


The best of times change with time itself and all illusions sooner than expected devolve into the next scene…. A sincere, optimistic approach to building new worlds is bound to have some good results, so help join in where feasible. A planet is considered out of bounds when its declination is beyond the outer bounds or limits of that of the Sun, i.

The energies of these planets tend to be a little out of control during these periods. See more dates for Out of Bounds planets here. Jupiter is retrograde from March 9th to July 10th. Jupiter is direct the remainder of the year. Jupiter is in Scorpio until November 8th, , and in Sagittarius from November 8th forward. Saturn is in Capricorn all of Read about Saturn in Capricorn.

Uranus is in Aries until May 15th, when it enters Taurus.

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Uranus returns to Aries in retrograde motion on November 6th, , and will return to Taurus on March 6th, Uranus semi-square Neptune on June 16th, , at 1 Taurus 30 third and on December 15th at 28 Aries 49 fourth [first occurred in August , then again in October , and will occur again in May ] Uranus square True North Node on November 6th, , at 0 Taurus 00 standalone. Neptune semi-square Uranus on June 16th, , at 16 Pisces 30 third and on December 15th at 23 Pisces 49 fourth [first occurred in August at at 13 Pisces 30, then again in October at 9 Pisces 27, and will occur again in May ].

Pluto sextile Jupiter on January 15th, , at 19 Capricorn 18 first , on April 14th, , at 21 Capricorn 16 second , and September 12th, , at 18 Capricorn 51 last. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use found here. Friend's Email Address.

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Your Name. Your Email Address. Cafe Astrology. Mercury is Retrograde from July 26th to August 19th, , in the sign of Leo. Venus Retrograde in What is Venus Retrograde? Mars Retrograde in What is Mars Retrograde? Jupiter Retrograde in Jupiter is retrograde in from March 8th to July 10th, , in the sign of Scorpio. Saturn Retrograde in Saturn is retrograde in from April 17th to September 6th, , in the sign of Capricorn. Uranus Retrograde in Uranus completes its retrograde that began on August 2, , in on January 2nd, and will retrograde again in August Neptune Retrograde in Neptune is retrograde in from June 18th to November 24th, , in the sign of Pisces.

December 14 to February — Jupiter sextile your decan is a time of happiness and optimism when good things will seem to come more easily.

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Your interests and activities are likely to broaden and could include further study or long-distance travel. You could increase your wealth through investments, business deals or plain good luck. December 14 to 30 — Jupiter conjunct Saturn exact on December 21 is a time of opportunity, growth and good fortune.

Fated events, lucky breaks or deliberate actions will create opportunities for personal and professional growth.

This could involve higher education, the law, religion, spirituality, long-distance travel, a new career or business, or a new relationship. Your Aries horoscope is authentic because it is based on planetary transits to Aries Decan 1, not to houses, zones or sectors. January 10 to June 5 — The January 10 lunar eclipse brings your home, family and intimate relationships into sharper focus and could be emotionally challenging. If you are a sensitive, timid person you need to protect yourself against bullies.

If you are strong you need to protect more vulnerable family members and friends. This eclipse favors the powerful and wealthy. January 10 to March 9 — Jupiter square your decan pushes you out of your comfort zone to create opportunities for growth. February 8 to March 4 — Jupiter sextile Neptune culminates on February 20 to bring harmony, optimism, good fortune, and growth. Your good intentions and moral integrity make this a good time for professional advancement, business deals, and legal matters.

You can be generous and grow spiritually without giving away your material possessions.

February 15 to 25 — Venus in your decan is one of the best times of your Aries horoscope for romance, socializing, asking for favors and borrowing money. Heightened beauty, charm and sex appeal make it more likely that you will find your perfect match if dating. Shopping, investing and decorating benefit from your good fashion sense and an eye for a bargain. April 16 to 23 — Mercury in your decan is one of the best times of the year for sitting exams, applying for work and doing business.

This is also one of the busiest times of the year but mental alertness and clear thinking help you communicate effectively. Socialize, make plans, book appointments, pay bills, bargain, and buy and sell. The year also saw the division between India and Pakistan and their establishment as individual sovereignties today both countries have nuclear weapons ; this split cost Mohandas Gandhi his life.

While Israel possesses few natural resources no oil in an oil-dominated region , the historical significance and spiritual power of the land are certainly the reasons is perhaps the reason for ongoing battles in the region, essentially for control of the holy city of Jerusalem. The following cycle of marked a time of economic recession in the world, with the highest rate of unemployment in the U.

It also marked the escalation of the Cold War during the Reagan years, later leading to the collapse of the Soviet bloc. Soon after the conjunction, in January , the Kilauea volcano erupted in Hawaii; it has become the longest-lasting volcanic eruption, still flowing in In popular culture, is the year Michael Jackson released the best-selling record album to date, Thriller, establishing his dominance over the pop market.

Aries Horoscope – Aries Horoscope

With the Sun, Ceres, and Mercury within a degree, and the respective South Nodes of Saturn and Pluto close to this degree, we can expect this cycle to have an exceptionally powerful effect, from the year leading up to the conjunction and approximately two years following it. As previously mentioned, this cycle is bound to stimulate significant geopolitical dynamics that will affect the distribution of power in many structures on a global scale.

Angular aspects between Saturn and Pluto are also known to reflect natural disasters, particularly seismic and volcanic activity. A note on the Planetary Nodes: The nodes of the slower-moving planets from Jupiter to Pluto move extremely slowly, about one degree every 72 years.

Planetary Aspect Patterns

Their position varies only slightly in the course of the Sun cycle 1 year , meaning that they essentially remain in the same position for all of humanity. We can anticipate important changes in the natural resources industry, the banking system, and regional and world leadership, but it is difficult at this point to anticipate what direction this powerful influence will take.

Of course, the U. We understand that the initial intention of the Saturn—Pluto conjunction is to increase value and empower systems, but it is easy to mismanage these influences because they demand high ethical leadership, and therefore we must consider the prospect of a severe economic recession. At worst, with Mars in Aries retrograding later in and squaring the Saturn—Pluto conjunction, serious political conflicts and even a global war are possible. We can expect rebellion on both the individual level people leaving their workplace, reinventing themselves and the collective level worldwide protests demanding change.

In light of growing separatist sentiment in the US, we may see the secession movement gaining greater momentum. With the later transit of Mars in Aries squaring all the Capricorn planets, it is not far-fetched to anticipate that Greece may split off from the Union.

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Jupiter catching up to conjoin Pluto in April adds more momentum and drama to these influences. The giant and the dwarf planets may seem quite different from each other, but both of them represent an aspiration for growth and prosperity. Jupiter—Pluto cycles work on both the material level, where they increase ambition for greater abundance and development, and the spiritual level, where they reflect a deep yearning for Truth. Pluto inevitably represents a need to explore the shadows of any issue it becomes involved with, so on the path toward creating abundance and growth, Pluto may also pop many Jupiterian bubbles or excesses, and cause sharp fluctuations between inflation and deflation.

In a positive way, Jupiter—Pluto cycles reflect a remarkable ability to transform difficulty into opportunity, both individually and collectively. This cycle occurs in signs of the same element three consecutive times, then changes to the following element, and then reverts to the previous element one last time.

For example, in , the conjunction was in the earth sign of Virgo; in , in the earth sign of Taurus; in , in the earth sign of Capricorn; in , in the air sign of Libra; and then a last return to earth, the conjunction in Taurus. From , this conjunction will occur in similar sequence in air signs. The new conjunction will take place at the solstice on December 21, , at the beginning degree of Aquarius and in a new sequence of elements air , so we can anticipate that the combination of the conjunction, in a new Air cycle, on the Solstice point will seed a new dawn, a new paradigm for humanity to unfold.

The sign of Aquarius flavoring this cycle hints at the need to come up with new solutions and elevate global consciousness.