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Making choices and decisions may be one of the challenges to your otherwise rational mind.

Often interested in metaphysical or spiritual subjects, you have much to gain from developing your natural intuition or listening to your inner voice. Your strong practical sense suggests that you are ambitious and shrewd, with an ability to quickly assess people or situations. Be careful, however, of a tendency to think that financial security can provide you with all the answers.

Nonetheless, your strong sense of purpose and a need to accomplish imply that you have high standards and are usually success-oriented.

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This need for activity indicates that you usually have a plan or scheme in the pipeline. An ability to think independently reveals that you can undertake large projects and oversee large enterprises. Usually you respond to limitations and criticism by proving the doubting person wrong. Imaginative and practical, you usually seek a career where you can expand your knowledge and skills.

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Preferring work that is creative and mentally stimulating, you have a strong sense of vision and natural foresight. Your talent for words indicates that you can succeed in the world of communications, particularly writing and literature, education, or the media. If scientifically minded, you may choose a career in chemistry or engineering. Alternatively, you may prefer Banking or law.

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Well organized and authoritative, you can excel in whatever you do. If you are interested in reform, you may be drawn to areas where you can speak up for others, such as union work or politics. Similarly, your humanitarian instincts may lead you to fight for a cause or help others through counseling or social work. Your need for artistic expression could be best satisfied through the media of art and design, music, or drama. With a number 26 birthday, you have a pragmatic approach to life, executive ability, and a good business sense. Usually responsible, with a natural aesthetic sense and a love of home, you need to build a solid foundation or find real stability.

Often a tower of strength for others, you are willing to support friends and family members who turn to you in time of need.

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You may nevertheless need to guard against materialistic tendencies and a desire to control people or situations. The subinfluence of the number 2 month indicates that you are intuitive, with a strong sixth sense as well as practical abilities. In your attempt to please, you may run the risk of becoming overly dependent. A desire to accomplish inspires you to be innovative and think on a grand scale.

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Although you are receptive to the opinions of others, you resent interference from those around you. When resolute, you like to be in control of your own decision making.

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Highly intuitive and mentally restless, you like intelligent people who want to accomplish and achieve. Although you are sensitive and sympathetic, relationships are subject to changes, and at times you may feel unsettled. New opportunities or meeting exciting people may influence your plans, as you like variety and mental stimulation.

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You need a partner who possesses a good intellect and with whom you can share your love for knowledge. Please try again :. If you have any questions regarding how your Life Path Number was calculated, or the calculation method used, please visit our page on How to Calculate your Life Path Number While Life Path Number is derived from our Date of Birth , and is considered one of the most important numbers within our Numerology Chart , our Full Birth Name also greatly influences our overall being.

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  • Numerology of your birth date – your destiny decoded in your Life Path?

Other numbers in your Numerology Chart also have an influence on who you are and who you might become. If you are interested in learning more, you can begin with your Free Numerology Chart Summary. As far as Life Path Number Compatibility goes, there are certain numbers that complement each other better than others. Numerology Compatibility Analysis provided by seventhlifepath.

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